For Hiring New Faculty: Please refer to the following documents when seeking to hire new faculty. (These documents should be downloaded for editing. Please do not try to modify them without first downloading and saving on a local drive. If you encounter problems accessing these forms, please notify acad-contracts @

Forms for other Faculty Actions: (These are accessible as Word files to be downloaded and completed.)

Instruction Sheet for Faculty Forms 1-A, 1-P and 1-T

Reference Chart for Faculty Actions This is a new spreadsheet designed to capture visually the categories of faculty and the steps needed for appointments, reappointments, and promotions. (Please cross-reference with the Faculty Handbook as needed and provide any edits or feedback to acad-contracts @

Sabbatical and Leave of Absence Requests: Information and forms concerning sabbatical and leave of absence requests can be found on the Graduate Studies page here

Temporary Disability Sick Leave (Faculty): To apply for temporary disability sick leave, please complete the following form after discussing this request with your chair or dean:

Extension Requests: To request an extension to the probationary period for continuous tenure, please complete the following form: 

Provost Research AwardsThese documents are used in the Faculty Research Awards nomination process, with research awards given annually at University Research Day.

Other Resources: