At CUA, all meetings and events at the university open to the student and university community, or open to the public, will be scheduled in accessible rooms. This requirement applies to academic events, whether curricular or co-curricular, and to all student organization meetings. (CUA Co-Curricular Scheduling Policy). 

Not all classrooms are accessible. If an individual with a disability finds that the space made available is not accessible, please notify Enrollment Services. The office will find an alternate location that is accessible. For specific guidelines on accommodations for those with hearing impairments please consult the Interpreter/Transcriber Request Policy.

For further information on making events accessible please see the Disability Support Services Web page.

Classroom Hours

University policy requires that each three-credit course must meet for 42 academic hours (50-minute hours), which amounts to 35 clock hours (60-minute hours). This does not include the final examination period. Blended courses require that some of this class time take place online. If you need guidance to determine how many academic hours an asynchronous class meeting covers, please contact the LIS office at (202) 319-5085.

Campus Emergencies

Students and employees are asked to immediately report any crimes, suspicious activity, or suspicious persons by contacting the DPS dispatcher in Leahy Hall, 202 319-5111 (ext. 5111 on campus phones). If off campus, dial 911. You may also use any of the emergency telephones located throughout campus.

Canceling Classes

It is University policy that you communicate with students via their Cardinal Mail email address. Using Blackboard is also an easy way of notifying the entire class regarding cancellations.

Some student contact information (as authorized by the individual students) may be obtained through Cardinal Station. Under federal law the University can release directory information, which includes student addresses (both local and permanent), date of registered attendance, school or division of enrollment, major field of study, nature and dates of degrees and awards received. Other information is protected by law and may not be released without the permission of the student.

If you miss a class session, you must make it up in a manner that is acceptable to the students in the class. You can do so in several ways, such as adding time to some of your class sessions, scheduling a special class session, or incorporating online instruction for blended learning. You cannot hold a make-up session if it conflicts with the students' classes, work, or personal schedules.

School Closures

Closings due to inclement weather are announced by the Provost's Office, and should be posted on the University's Homepage. The major networks will carry announcements as well. Alternatively, you may call the Campus Police (202-319-5111) or the Campus Operator. If you are teaching at an off campus site and suspect that it may be closed for whatever reason, preventing class from taking place, it is your responsibility to check with the site and notify students accordingly. 

If your class is canceled you are responsible for making up any lost class time (see above under Canceling Class)

Student Emails

It is CUA policy that all course-related e-mail be sent to students' Cardinal Mail accounts. Some students prefer to use their personal accounts; however, it is their responsibility to forward their Cardinal Mail messages. Instructions on how students can forward their Cardinal mail to another account, can be found on the technology resource Web site. 

Student Needs

The University has several departments designed to aid students with various issues, including personal problems, disabilities, language difficulties and writing skills.  If you think a student in your course could benefit from one of these services, please contact

Center for Academic and Career Success 
CUA Counseling Center 
Disability Support Services
Student Writing Center